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Mountaineering, Mountain Biking, Camping, Trekking and Nature walks are the most popular activities in Mussoorie. The Himalayan Adventure Institute organises treks and other activities like rock climbing, nature camps and river crossings.
Roller Skating: The rink at Kulri Bazaar and Disco skating rink near Tourist office are great places to enjoy skating.
Mini Appu Ghar: This place has games and entertainment rides for kids as well as adults Fishing: with a permit from the divisional forest officer, you can go fishing in the Aglar and Yamuna rivers that are filled with mahaseer and trout.
Mountain Biking: The road the rises and falls to Dhanaulti past Surkanda Devi temple is a popular biking route. The landscape is lush green and abounds in Pine, Oak, Apple and Pear trees.
Horse-Riding: Camels back road and the route to childrens lodge are popular places for Horse- riding.


True to its name, this road is a stretch of 4 km and is a natural layout of rocks shaped like the camel’s hump back. The Camel’s Back road originates from Library point and leads straight to the Kulri Bazaar, and is visible from the Mussoorie Public School. A perfect spot for morning and evening walks, this patch promises an enriching experience for those who witness the magic of sun rays on the snow capped mountains. Ideal for a good exercise, this stretch also enables a refreshing walk. For those already tired after long walks and treks, auto rickshaws and horseback rides are available easily.


As the name suggests, the Cloud’s end is the end of Mussoorie. Located at a distance of about 6 km west of the Library, the Cloud’s end can be reached through the Hathipaon road from Happy Valley. Continue staying on your right till the road reaches a fork. Thick jungles cover the entire area, and a 2 km walk further up takes you to the Benog Wildlife sanctuary. This stretch promises a wonderful refreshing walk, with the vast spread of flora and fauna all around. You can even drive your car if you do not wish to travel on foot.


The history of Gun Hill dates back to the pre-independence period. It is said that a canon was fired from the Gun Hill every afternoon to help people know the time and adjust their watches. At a height of about 400 ft above the Mall, the Gun Hill now accommodates the water reservoir of Mussoorie. A ropeway ride can take you to the Gun Hill or you can take a bridle path that deviates from the Mall. You can capture a truly photogenic view from this spot, with the Mall and the snow capped peaks of Himalayas on either side of the hill respectively.


A 6 km trek downhill from Mussoorie leads you to the amazing Jharipani Falls. Alternately, you can take the route to the Jharipani Main Market via St George’s boarding school. A refreshing thirty-minute walk from the market takes you to the falls and promises to leave you spellbound! Mussoorie’s famous boarding schools, namely, St George’s, Wynberg Allen, and Oakgrove are well packed within the estates of Jharipani. Who would want to leave the scenic surroundings of the school and get back to the city for their education? Your life gets a breather in the pure and unpolluted environment of Mussoorie.


Kempty falls is one of the most popular and crowded tourist spots in Mussoorie. This is a perennial waterfall, plunging its way down about 40 ft from a mountain. Kempty Falls is the largest of the five cascades that emerge down from the mountains to flow down various huge rocks into the plains. A visit to these falls is incomplete without bathing under the falls. Usually a crowded spot, you can escape the crowd and visit a more secluded place by climbing the steps lined along the flow of the stream, to find yourself in a rocky enclosure formed naturally by the stream. Get a feel of the cool gushing waters on your feet.


The municipal garden, initially known as Company Bagh, belongs to the Happy Valley area. The gardens are a family retreat and entertain lots of families and tourists all round. An impression of old colonial gardens, the Company Bagh has a wide green carpet of neat and clean lawns and a fountain in the center. A lake, a recently created waterfall, and a nursery housing pretty plants are other attractions of this garden. In addition to an entry fee of Rs 5, boating on the lake is charged at Rs 20 per head or Rs 40 per boat for a span of 15 minutes.


Located in the heart of Mussoorie, this newly developed lake has become a popular tourist spot of the city. Constructed by City Board & Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority, the lake is a favourite place among picnickers. Provided with pedalled boating facilities, one can also enjoy the majestic views of Doon Valley as well as the villages nearby.


Lal Tibba or the Red Hill, as it literally means in local language, was also referred to as Depot Hill due to the presence of the convalescent depot. This is the highest point in Mussoorie. The Indian Military services are stationed at Lal Tibba that makes access to the hill restricted. Broadcasting stations or towers of All India Radio and Doordarshan are situated atop Lal Tibba. Sightseeing of the through the lens of an old telescope is possible from a 20 m tall tower standing on the edge of the cliff. It is best advised not to travel to this hill during the rains/monsoons to avoid being infested with leeches.


Bhatta falls is a newly developed picnic spot near Mussoorie, located at 7 kms. from main mussoorie city, Bhatta falls is still untouched by civilization and has a natural stream of water flowing down the hills.


Amidst the beauty of nature and the pine-clad hill slopes surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, Benog Wildlife Sanctuary, situated amidst thick jungles, is a boon for the adventure enthusiasts. One can enjoy a daylong trek to this sanctuary to experience a few thrills and chills. Be on the alert if you want to spot the fauna around. Among the Himalayan wildlife, certain rare species of birds can be spotted. The almost-extinct mountain quails and red-billed blue magpie are some of the few fauna that you can come across, apart from the common leopards and deer. Happy Adventure!


Situated atop the Benog Hills, closer to the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary, a trip to the Jwala Devi temple to seek blessings of the Goddess ensures a heavenly feeling. The feeling of being close to nature and even closer to God arises once you reach this amazing hilltop. One can capture the breathtaking view of entire Mussoorie from the heights of the Jwala Devi temple, the Doon valley and the Yamuna River flowing in the north, as also the Yamuna Bridge in the far distance. Make sure you are equipped with precise binoculars to take a glimpse of the scenic beauty.


Placed at a distance of about 6 km from the city, this ancient temple is thronged by many devotees and tourists. The temple is dedicated to God of Snakes. A large number of devotees come to offer their prayers to the Lord of Snakes, especially on the occasion of Nag Panchmi, a major Hindu festival. Decorated with flowers, the temple looks beautiful during this festival. From the temple, one can also get an enchanting view of Doon Valley and Mussoorie city.


It's the main shopping location situated at the center of Mussoorie, with lamppost and benches lined up besides the road, the mall throws a glimpse of the colonial period. One has to pass through the Mall to reach any place in Mussoorie. Apart from shopping the main attractions of the mall are video game parlours, restaurants, skating ring, windy point and the Methodist Church.


It is situated about 6 kms from Gandhi Chowk and vehicles can go right upto the top. It is one of the most famous tourist attractuons in Mussoorie. It is the park estate of Sir George Everest who was the first Surveyor General of India. The world’s highest peak mount Everest is named after Sir George Everest. The place provides an enchanting view of doon valley on one side and view of Yamuna Valley and snow clad Himalayas on the other.


The exquisite Christ Church is believed to be the oldest church in the entire Himalayan region. Built in 1836 by the British, this church boasts of brilliant Gothic style architecture. The beautiful pre-Raphaelite stained glass windows, representing the life events of Jesus Christ, fascinate every onlooker. Inside the church, there is a high altar that depicts the sufferings and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Other things that grab one's attention are the impressive interiors, beautifully decorated walls and a century old William Hill organ. The deodar tree planted by Princess of Wales in 1906 still stands tall in the church's courtyard.
Opening Closing Time07:00 am – 06:30 pm (Monday - Saturday) 08:00 am – 06:30 pm (Sunday)
Open all days Entrance Fee: Free


It is a cultural getaway to Himalayas which showcases the culture and traditions of Himalayas through paintings on canvasses, sculptures, frescoes, murals and scrap art. It is a newly built tourist destination and a must watch place for travelers.


Set up by the Tibetan population in Mussoorie, the Tibetan Buddhist temple is also known as Shedup Choepelling temple and is located on the Happy Valley road close to the IAS Academy. The temple can be visited between 7 am to 5 pm. Dalai Lama took refuge in Mussoorie after he fled Tibet and was granted land in Dharamshala by the then Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The Tibetan Buddhist temple has a divine atmosphere, and those seeking solace and peace of mind must make it a point to visit here. To add to the serenity are the clay lamps in the lamp house and the prayer flags.

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